Tribometer TRB

Purpose: Study of the hard materials and coatings wear, depending on various parameters.

Main technical characteristics:

- Rotation speed - up to 500 rpm;

- Vertical load - up to 10N;

- Friction force - up to 10N;

- Frequency over the entire stroke length - from 0.005 to 1.6 Hz;

- Stroke length - up to 60 mm;

- Linear speed range - from 03 to 100 mm / sec;

- Wear trace depth - up to 1.2 mm;

- Resolution in depth - 1 micron;

- Maximum offset range - + 2mm;

- Ability to measure samples in the temperature range - from minus 100 to 1000 ℃.

The tribometer is designed to determine the lifetime of coatings, study the friction behavior and investigate the hard materials and coatings wear depending on time, contact pressure, speed, temperature, humidity and the lubricant presence , as well as primary and secondary vacuum.

A unique feature is the operation of the tribometer at negative temperatures (up to minus 100 ° С), which allows modeling wear processes in conditions similar to the Arctic or outer space.