Training test machine MI-20UM

Training test machine MI-20UM

Purpose: Study of the materials physical and mechanical properties.

Main technical characteristics:

- Ultra-high load 20 kN;

- The largest distance between the ends of the devices for attaching the grippers, including the active grip working stroke 310 mm;

- Traverse working stroke with installed grippers 5 ... 270 mm; Active gripper movement speed 0.5 ... 60 mm / min;

- The smallest discharge unit price when measuring linear displacement 1 micron;

- The smallest discharge unit price when measuring a load 10 N;

- Absolute error when measuring discharge linear displacement ± 5 units. ml;

- Relative measurement error of discharge tensile load (compression), not more than ± 5% ± 2 units. ml

The testing machine is designed to study tensile and compressive materials with a maximum force of 20 kN. The machine allows to remove the force dependence on the various shapes and materials samples deformation.

The machine provides a graph of the dependence of effort on deformation on the PC display during tension and compression of the sample at different speeds of movement with the possibility of its further processing, storage and printing.