Standard contact porosimeter «Porosimeter 3.2»

Standard  contact porosimeter «Porosimeter 3.2»

Purpose: Samples pore space analysis

Main technical characteristics:

- Pore radius within range from 1,0 to 2.105 nm;

- Hard material sample max size: dia 23 mm, thickness – 4 mm;

- Capability for powered solid analysis

The analysis of the materials samples pore space is extremely important for development and technological processing of composite materials obtaining. The obtained results allow to predict the speed of the composites production, choose the optimal method and regulate the processing for further matrix deposition in the pore space. The obtained material integrity may be investigated too. The method of standard porosimetry (MSP) is aimed at measurement of relative water content equilibrium curve (porous liquid volume ratio to the weight or volume of the porous body) between the standard sample and the measured sample, i.e. equilibrium dependence of the measuring liquid relative percentage in the sample under investigation on its volume in the standard sample, for which the porosimeter curve is known in advance.