Multifunction scanning probe microscope FemtoScan

Multifunction scanning  probe microscope FemtoScan

Purpose: To observe surface morphology and physical properties by using modern probe microscopy.

Main technical characteristics:

- scanning friction microscopy;

- scanning tunnel microscopy;

- initial approach range – up to 4 mm

- initial approach step dimension 30 nm;

- scanning frequency – upto 30 Hz.

FemtoScan advantages:

- pocket-sized;

- powerful soft ware;

- web-based access with open architecture, providing the special possibilities for research.

The set includes the unique 16-bit microchips controller with extremely low noises.

Microscope electronics allows to realize more than 50 methods of scanning probe microscopy methods, to carry out research in different spheres ( chemistry, physics, biology, nanotechnology, etc.), to see submicron objects, to obtain atom or molecular resolution on the crystal and film surfaces.

The microscope allows to scan the same part of the sample surface several times but in varied magnification . So the surface structure may be investigated down to the smallest details.

There are more than 50 various modes for scanning probe microscopy in the microscope, i.e. :

- optical microscopy with the data transmission over the internet;

- measurements in the air and liquid;

- sample temperature controlled heating;

- electrostatic microscopy;

- magnetic force microscopy;

- surface force mapping;

- nanolithography;

- contact atomic force microscopy;

- scanning friction microscopy;

- scanning resistive microscopy;

- scanning tunnel microscopy;

- tunnel spectroscopy;